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konzeptkunst-online went public on January, 1st 2022



Each conceptual artwork on konzeptkunst-online contains the subheadings:

  • realisation
  • rulebook
  • concept
  • tasks
  • idea

The realisation is not necessary for the creation of a conceptual artwork.

The rulebook is the basis of how the conceptual artwork functions. The set of rules is followed by the conceptual artist in the realisation of the artwork.

The concept is the formulation of what the content and purpose of the work of art is. The concept is the essence, the soul of the artwork.

The tasks are the basic activities that must be worked through by the artist so that the idea becomes a concept. The tasks serve to concretise the idea.

The conceptual artwork is a work of art from the moment the idea is formulated and written down.

Each point is always to be dated. The date is the beginning of the work on the respective item.

All changes to the conceptual artwork can be viewed in the history. The concept artist has the right to mark changes to the concept artwork that are solely for correcting errors as "not significant".

For concepts created in the past, the history is set to the date of realisation of this work: concept art-online. Changes are only documented from the date of realisation of this artwork.



konzeptkunst-online is a conceptual artwork.

konzeptkunst-online documents the creation process of Stefan Kumpfmüller's conceptual artworks from the idea to the concept to the realisation.

This process is comprehensible to everyone via the history.



  • Purchase of the domain (www.konzeptkunst-online.de), done 07/20)
  • Choice of wiki system (Decided Tiki Wiki ,11/20)
  • Installation of Tiki system (09/21)
  • Construction of Page structure (10/21)



In the summer of 2013 I visited the exhibition "Mel Bochner: When the Colour Changes ("Mel Bochner: Wenn sich die Farbe ändert")1 with a re-enactment of his work "Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant to Be Viewed as Art" 2 from 1966. This work is considered the first exhibition of conceptual art. "Bochner photocopied the design drawings, sketches, notes, and other material of fellow minimalist artists, including a $3,051.16 invoice from Donald Judd, for this exhibition, collected the copies in four black folders, and displayed them on four pedestals."3

www.konzeptkunstwerk-online.de is the transposition of Mel Bochner's idea from the 1960s to the present. Whereas Bochner was only able to present one stage of the creative process of the exhibited artworks in his work, the Wiki system offers the possibility of depicting the creative process in its entirety. From the idea to the execution, the creative process can be traced for the viewer via the history of the wiki entry.

At the same time, in addition to the individual works listed, a work of art in its own right is created in the totality of the works.


1 Mel Bochner - Wenn sich die Farbe ändert: Ausstellungsseite im Ausstellungsarchiv Haus der Kunst: https://hausderkunst.de/ausstellungen/mel-bochner-wenn-sich-die-farbe-aendert
2 "Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant to Be Viewed as Art" at Frieze: https://www.frieze.com/article/mel-bochner
3 quote from Mel Bochner Life and Work: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Bochner#Leben_und_Werk

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