I am a work of art / Ich bin ein Kunstwerk

Welcome to konzeptkunst-online.de an art project by Stefan Kumpfmüller for the presentation of ideas, projects and finished conceptual artworks.

My creative process begins with an idea, which is verified through the development of a concept and laid down in a set of rules, which then only needs to be executed in the end1 . You can find the set of rules for this artwork on konzeptkunst-online.

On the left is the table of contents with all page references. This website is bilingual. The table of contents follows the language of the page you are looking at. You can change the language at the bottom of each page.

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The cover image of this page follows the following set of rules.

All the individual works of this artwork contributed a sentence. The headings IDEA, CONCEPT, RULEWORK were used. In each case, the first sentence of the transcript, which is hierarchically closest to the finished value, was used. So, if the work is in the stage of the documented idea, the first sentence of the idea was used, if the set of rules is defined, the first sentence of the set of rules.

These sentences were subjected to the set of rules of the isbn-maschine to develop a colour value for the font. The font size corresponds to the character length of the set. As with the isbn-maschine, the font is Georgia. I did the distribution manually.


I dedicate this work to my art teacher at the Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium in Garching: Monika Rousselle. The memory of her trust in my thinking has kept the desire for artistic expression alive in me all these years.2

1 This is how it was described as early as 1967: "When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art." (Sol LeWitt, in Artforum 1967)
2 Monika Rousselle's art on the internet: https://www.monika-rousselle.de/

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